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Dear visitor,

at this place, you've found a former OP-themed browser game with more than 18,000 registered members.

In the end, there was only slow progress due to lack of time, unfortunately, which is why we were forced to take the game down. There are no plans to re-launch this game at this moment.

We want to thank all the users of OPgame

We wish you a good time!

Special thanks to the team of OPgame which spent a lot of its free time to design OPgame

Olli, Max, Tilo, Robin aka 'Sorar', Julian, 'Gnahhh', Kev, Robin, Denis, 'Bumblebee', Tim, Michael, Paul, 'Killuah', Ahmed, Martin, Nici, Roman, Andrej, Mike, Saym, Jannek, Thomas, Reto, Jasmin and Alex

We also want to thank all the other contributors

Christoph, Tobias, 'Piccolo', 'Thorak', Lars, 'Enel', 'Killerorg', Kenny and 'Eru'

-- The OPgame admin

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The system is going down for system halt NOW!

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